Web Design and Hosting

We offer website design from the ground up. We can help you with everything along the way, including: finding a domain name, setting up web hosting and email, designing a website, troubleshooting any issues, performing maintenance and updates and training you to maintain your own website.

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Corporate Identity Design

Take your business to the next level with a unified corporate identity. The perfect logo, graphic designs and color combinations can set your company apart from the rest. We can help!

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Technology Consulting Services

Ever wonder if there was a faster, more efficient way to do something? We’re here to help! Let Key Computer Solutions unlock technology’s potential for you and your business.

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Residential Tech Services

With thousands of computers serviced, we have yet to encounter, and do not anticipate to come across, a computer we cannot mend or a computer-oriented question we cannot answer. We offer a variety of services to our residential customers to help with all your digital needs. Free pickup / delivery available.

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